Welcome to Triforce Solutions

We offer quality IT services to small businesses and individuals in the West Midlands. Whether you're looking for reliable IT support, website design/development or server administration, we can help.

We are dedicated to providing quality IT services at affordable prices. It is our firm belief that through a focus on continuity, transparency and reliability, we can deliver a truly superior service.

What makes us different

Most IT support or service firms employ dozens of staff. More often than not, this creates problems with consistency between jobs, and the quality of work actually carried out. In addition, such firms often suffer from poor internal communication, which only serves to worsen the situation described above. In short, these companies are simply too large to offer you a personal service.

In addition, these companies usually carry out their work in relative secrecy, leaving you with little to no knowledge of how your costly new systems and services actually run, or what they're even for. We often encounter customers who have purchased expensive equipment and services on the recommendation of an IT firm, yet have no knowledge of what they do, and why (and in many cases, if) they were necessary. To us, this is simply unnacceptable.

By keeping our operation very small, we're able to offer unparalelled levels of continuity between jobs and we pride ourselves on providing an honest, fully transparent service that won't leave you guessing.

In short, if you've felt let down by your IT service providers in the past, it might be time to give us a try.

Please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss what we can do for your business.
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